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The Problem

Every minute of every day, in hundreds of millions of homes all around the world quality fresh drinking water is being wasted due to inefficient showers.
This places unnecessary pressure on the environment, government infrastructure and household budgets.

The Solution

The multi award winning Cullector combines several water saving features into one simple self powered unit.
It's a great Australian invention designed to save water, power, money and the environment without sacrificing comfort.

1. Collect It

Collect the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time.

2. Use it

Use the collected water in the shower to create a stronger fuller flow.

3.Time it

After 4 to 5 minutes a gentle pulse in the shower stream indicates time is up.

4. Pause it

Pause the shower at any time to soap up or shampoo without needing to adjust taps.

5. Low flow

Experience a quality full flow shower at low flow rates.

6. Easy DIY

Simply replace your existing shower. No drilling or plumber required.

The Opportunity

The Cullector is a proven product currently installed in over 400 homes across Australia. The Cullector is now ready to take to global markets.

Water scarcity is now a constant global reality. Population growth and climate change add further pressure on water resources. The growth in global demand for water saving products has never been as strong as it is today and pressure will continue to mount on Governments and consumers to adopt every option available to combat this escalating problem.

Patent protection in Australia and the USA provides confidence for secure growth.

Cullector Explainer Video

This 90 second white board video describes the operation and benefits of the Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower.

Cullector in Operation

This short video shows the Cullector in operation.

ABC New Inventors

Cullector wins the ABC TV New Inventors Episode Award.
The popular nationally broadcast program is all about inventions and the inventors who have created them. Each week three totally new, never- before-seen inventions are demonstrated and examined by host James O'Loghlin's cohort of expert judges.
The inventors are subjected to a barrage of questions on every aspect of the invention; it's design and market, it's originality and manufacture, it's safety and need. After rigorous analysis of the inventions the Cullector was chosen as the episode winner.

Installation Video

This video shows the simple step by step,
No Drill, DIY installation.

Channel 7 Today Tonight

The popular current affairs program features the Cullector in Adelaide and Perth.
In the 10 days following the program the Kickstarter project reached it's target and over $20,000 in sales and pledges were received.
See why Australia is embracing the Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower.

A Few Words From The Inventor

In this short video inventor Peter Cullin talks about the Cullector and describes just how it works, how it reduces pressure on household budgets and the benefits to the broader community and the environment.

Kick Starter Campaign

In October 2014 a campaign was launched on the crowd-funding platform Kick Starter to help develop a hand held version of the Cullector. A short story about the campaign aired on the current affairs program Today Tonight in Adelaide and Perth. 
In the 10 days following the TV program going to air we smashed the target and confirmed public demand for the Cullector.


Cullector Features on TechShow Showcasing Au/Nz Achievements.
The Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower provides an elegant solution to an age-old problem. Read Article

Federal Government  Support

The Australian Government introduced the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) program to aid the commercialisation of innovative Australian products, processes and services.
The Cullector was awarded the highly competitive merit based grant in 2007. The grant enabled extensive market research and validation, prototyping, testing and patent applications.
Cullector Supported by Australian Government

Queensland Government Support

The Queensland Government and Australian Industry Group recognise and support innovative ideas with the potential to inspire Queensland and transform industry. In 2011 the Cullector was selected to receive this prestigious award and grant from an initial pool of 600 applicants. Andrew Fraser MP, Treasurer and Minister for State Development and Trade presented Peter Cullin, Inventor with the award at Parliament House, Brisbane.

The Cullector Features in The Lead 

The Lead South Australia is a unique news service telling the story of South Australia to a global and national audience to encourage investment, business, tourism and knowledge in and about the State.
Read Article

Australian Anthill Smart 100

They’re innovative, Australian, highly commercial and they’re changing the world, one idea at a time.
The Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower is Ranked Number 20 in Australian Anthill Smart 100 Awards. Read Article

Cullector Voted as Finalist in the Queensland Tropical Innovation Peoples Choice Awards.

Cullector Finalist Tropical Innovation Awards
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