Saving Water, Power, Money and the Environment was never easier or more affordable with the multi award winning Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower System

Made from chrome plated brass and finished to the highest possible standards the Cullector is a quality investment guaranteed to save water, money and the environment.

The Cullector is super easy to install and simply replaces your existing shower. Everything needed for installation comes in the box. No drilling and No plumber required.

Catch it. Collect up to 5 litres of the fresh, clean water normally wasted during warm up time.

Use it. Use the collected fresh, clean water during your shower to create a stronger fuller flow.

Pause it. Pause the shower at any time to soap up or shampoo without needing to adjust your taps.

Time it. After 4 to 5 minutes a gentle pulse in the shower stream even lets you know when your shower time is up.

Start Saving Today


Given that we live off rainwater only, we know this product is going to help us preserve our precious rainwater supplies. The world needs more environmentally friendly products like the Cullector!

Joel & Alison Burfield

Saves water and money. Our heater is a long way from ensuite. Believe it has paid for itself already. Would be worth TV advertising as not many are aware of it.

Bill Perry

1 water saving, 2 money saving, 3 looks a lot nicer than the bucket I used before. The bucket also takes up a lot of MY space in the shower.

Doris Buck

I have just installed your cullector water saver. I am height disadvantaged and aged 69. I found it easy to install, very little strength needed. No plumber needed. Thank you I can now start saving water. The same sentiment comes from my mother, Charlotte Elvin

Rosemarie Williams

I have just installed my unit, and it was easy and took less than 10 minutes.  I am very impressed with the quality of the tapware, good
heavy chrome plated solid brass, which will last for many years.
The delivery service was exceptional, I ordered on-line on 23/7 and it was delivered to the door the next day.

Dave Blake

Hi Peter, Just wanted to say thank you. It was really great that you took the care to put your business card and even a roll of teflon tape in the box. Little things like that show that the customer is first and was a welcome surprise. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to spread your company's details around. Take care.

Ben Leung

Received and fitted the hand held Cullector Water Saving unit today. Very impressed. Great work.

Barry Anderson

I'm a single mother and found the cullector super easy to install myself. My kids love it too and can't wait to see just how much water and money we save on our next bill.

Trudy Roberts

The saving of precious rain water. The main reason it was purchased.  Thank you for providing us the opportunity to help save water and contribute where we can!

M & R Anderson

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