It's money down the drain.

We have all been doing it for years. Most of us still do it. Some don’t even know they do it! It was not until Australia was in the grip of its worst drought in living memory that I even became aware of it!

Watching good clean drinking water go down the drain while waiting for the shower to warm up not only adds to your water bill but it adds to your energy bill too. Up to 80% of the water used in a typical shower comes from the hot water service.



Installing the Cullector™ water saving shower starts saving you money from the very first shower. It harvests the cold water normally wasted during warm up time, before it exits the rose. Your harvested water is then mixed back into the shower stream during the course of the shower to give you a stronger fuller flow. By the time the shower is finished all of your harvested water has been used.

The Cullector™ has several other water saving features that combine to really cut water and energy costs in your home.


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