Can I Get a Decent Shower with a Low Flow Shower Head?

This is a question I come across frequently and I understand it can very difficult to trust a shower to deliver a great showering experience at low flow rates. Many of the first low flow showers were hopeless and this has made many early adopters very wary or in some cases down right resentful and disillusioned with low flow showers.

When the Australian Government brought in the WELS (water efficient labelling and standards scheme) that required showers to have a flow rate of 9 L/pm or less the testing requirements were nothing like what they are today. Either you had death by 1000 needles, had to run in circles to get wet or had a scalded head and frozen feet!

Man in bad water saving shower

Fortunately things have come a long way since then and you should be able to have a great shower at 9L/pm or less if the shower has been tested and certified to current WELS standards. Just like modern cars get more litres per kilometre and are more comfortable.

The current standards set by the Australian Government are mandatory and very strict. All of our products at Water Saving Showers Australia are WELS and WaterMark certified. The testing is undertaken by independent testing laboratories and includes Flow Rate, Mean Spray Spread Angle, Temperature Drop and Watertightness of End Connectors. This is your guarantee of a great shower at low flow rates.

Be careful of buying any showerhead that is not WELS rated as they have not been tested for comfort and use a lot more water. 

I hope this has been helpful and please feel free to make comments.

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