How to save water, save power & save money in the shower

Everyone loves a great hot shower but saving water means saving money.

Simply installing the Cullector™ Ultra Efficient Shower can save a typical family of four over 100,000 liters of water per year, and with a lot of that water coming directly from your hot water service a great deal can be saved on energy bills too. That’s over $1000 every year.

Beautiful woman showers in a stream. Cullector, Saving Water Saving Power Saving Money Never Felt So Good

The Cullector captures the water normally wasted during warm-up time and then uses it to create a stronger fuller flow. When all of the captured water has been used a gentle pulse lets you know that your shower time is up. You can also pause your shower at any time without adjusting the taps.

A great shower at low flow rates guaranteed. Super easy to install, no plumber required.
Saving water, power, money and the environment never felt so good.

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