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The Cullector™ Ultra Efficient Shower provides an elegant solution to an age-old problem
It’s hard to believe that in our world of rapidly diminishing water resources we still watch quality fresh drinking water going down the drain whilst waiting for the hot water to arrive at the shower.
Global water consumption rates are so high that surface water is shrinking at an alarming rate and groundwater reserves are depleting much faster than they can be replenished.
The first U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water predicts that by 2030 humanity's "annual global water requirements" will exceed "current sustainable water supplies" by forty percent.
Part of the problem is that every minute of every day, in hundreds of millions of homes around the world quality fresh drinking water is being wasted due to inefficient showers.
In order to help conserve this precious commodity Australian inventor Peter Cullin has created the Cullector™ Ultra Efficient Shower. It’s a robust, low-tech shower system that combines several water saving features into one simple self-powered device.
It’s standout feature is the way it harvests the cold water normally wasted during warm-up time before it exits the rose and then uses that water during the course of the shower to create a stronger fuller flow.
The Cullector™ also works as a shower timer. After all of the harvested water has been mixed back into the shower stream a small amount of air is drawn into the system. This creates a gentle pulse providing a tactile and visual reminder that shower time is up.
To pause the shower to soap up or shampoo you can simply move the handle on the mechanism to OFF and back ON again without needing to adjust the main taps.
With a flow rate of 6.5 L/pm the Cullector™ is in the top 5% of all Australian WELS products and when it’s additional water saving features are taken into consideration the Cullector is clearly the worlds most efficient DIY water saving shower solution.
It only takes about 10 minutes to install; it’s self-powered and simply replaces your existing shower.
On the surface the mechanism looks like a typical three way ball valve but the similarity ends there.
The patented internal geometry incorporates a rotatable venturi jet that diverts the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time into the attached reservoir.
Move the handle to ON and the venturi jet rotates to a position where it mixes the harvested water into the shower stream.
Recycling ports divert a steady stream of warm water into the reservoir to raise the temperature of the harvested water. This eliminates any spike in temperature that may be felt when all of the water has been used and also mixes essential oils evenly if the Cullector™ is being used as an aromatherapy shower.
Field trials conducted over the last three years in over 300 homes and businesses across Australia, Europe, South America and Africa have produced excellent feedback and confirms the Cullector™ is ready for commercialisation.
The Cullector™ has won numerous awards including a government grant from AusIndustry, the Queensland Government What’s Your Big Idea Award, the ABC New Inventors Episode Award, voted number 20 in the Ant Hill Smart 100 Awards and been granted full patents in Australia and the United States of America.
Peter Cullin, the inventor of the Cullector, claims the Cullector™ can save up to 35,000 litres of water per person, per year, over a traditional showerhead, enough to provide a person with fresh drinking water to last a hundred years.
What Problem Does the Cullector Solve and How?

Cullector collects the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time and reduces splashing

The cold water normally wasted during warm up time is diverted to the reservoir. A small amount of water is allowed to escape from the rose to let the user monitor the temperature from within the shower and without getting splashed or scalded. As soon as the water is at the correct temperature the user can switch to ON and commence showering.

Cullector uses the collected water to create a stronger fuller flow

Cullector uses a venturi effect to mix the collected water back into the shower stream. By the time your shower is finished all of the collected water has been used.

Cullector lets you pause the shower to soap up and shampoo without needing to readjust taps

Pausing the shower to soap up and shampoo is sometimes referred to as a military or navy shower. This technique saves an enormous amount of water and using Cullector to pause your shower eliminates the need to readjust your taps when you switch back on to rinse.

Cullector as a shower timer

It's great watching the water being collected and used. When the reservoir becomes fully drained a small amount of air is drawn into the shower stream to create a gentle pulse. This reminds the user when it's time to finish up.

Cullector as an aromatherapy shower

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, perfume or moisturiser to the reservoir for a beautiful aromatherapy shower. Warm water is constantly returned to the reservoir to keep the oils evenly mixed. This also raises the temperature of the water in the bottle to eliminate any spike in temperature when the bottle becomes fully drained.
What’s in the box?
Cullector™ simply replaces your existing shower. Everything you need is in the box including the rose, arm, mechanism, bottle, decorative backing plate and plumbers tape.
It's Self Powered and an Easy DIY install. No plumber required.

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2010 Winner of ABC New Inventors Episode Award

2011 Australian Anthill Smart 100 Awards
Cullector™ is ranked number 20 in Australian Anthill Smart 100 Awards

2014 Chanel 7 Today Tonight Current Affairs Program Features the Cullector™

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Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water

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