4 x Water Saving Flow Regulator Washers. Neoperl 1/2” PCW-01. 8.0 L/pm. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA

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Neoperl 1/2” PCW-01 Washer Regulator

The PCW-01 washer regulator is a washer with dual function: flow regulating and sealing

Typical applications are 1/2" shower hose fittings or shower heads G1/2". It's easy to assemble and therefore perfect for retrofit.

WATER SAVING - a convenient and inexpensive way to save water and energy when taking a shower

HIDDEN INSIDE - and invisible from the outside (theft-proof)

RETAINING TABS - for secure positioning

EASY ASSEMBLY – in any 1/2" shower hose fitting; perfect for retrofit

FLOW RATE – 8 litres per minute


Installation & Operation Video


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