Frequently Asked Questions.


Q. Does the shower temperature change when the bottle becomes empty?

A. No there is no change in the shower temperature when the bottle becomes empty. During the course of the shower a small amount of warm water mixes into the previously harvested cold water. By the time the reservoir becomes fully drained the temperature of the harvested water is the same temperature as the water coming from the rose.


Q. What is the size and capacity of the bottle?

A. The Bottle capacity is 5 litres H30cm X W16cm D10cm.


Will Cullector™ work with a gravity fed water heater?

A. Do not install the Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower on a gravity fed hot water system without consulting your plumber. A gravity fed shower often lacks the pressure required to effectively drive a low flow showerhead and a non-return valve must be installed to prevent cold water backing up the pipe and overflowing the tank in the ceiling. To avoid any possibility of serious damage please ask your plumber to inspect your set up prior to installation.


Q. Can I use my own showerhead?

A. Many shower heads produce too much backpressure for the Cullector™ venturi to operate effectively and this prevents the bottle draining. The Cullector™ Ultra Efficient Showers are supplied with shower heads laboratory tested to strict WELS standards as set out in AS/NZS 3662:2005 standards, including water flow rate, spray pattern and temperature drop. The shower heads have been specially developed for use with Cullector™ and the performance is optimised to produce an excellent showering experience.


Q. What happens when the bottle becomes empty?

A. After four to five minutes all of the harvested water has been completely drawn from the bottle and a small amount of air is drawn into the shower stream by the venturi. This causes the shower water to become slightly aerated and creates a gentle pulse that signals it's time to finish up.


Q. What happens if the bottle becomes over full?

A. If the bottle becomes overfull the excess water exits from the overflow hole at the back of the bottle.


Q. Will Cullector™ work with my instantaneous water heater?

A. Cullector™ may not be suitable for use with some instantaneous water heaters, as they require a certain volume of flow to operate effectively. Ensure the instantaneous hot water systems' minimum operational flow rate is 7.5 litres per minute or less.


Q. Does the Cullector™ work at low pressure?

A. Cullector™ operates at a dynamic pressure as low as 150kpa with excellent results.


Q. Does the Cullector™ work at high pressure?

A. Cullector™ operates at a dynamic pressure up to 500 kpa with excellent results.


Q. Do you offer a guarantee?

A. Yes, Water Saving Showers Australia committed to the highest standards of achievement and quality and ensures products are manufactured from premium grade materials. We warrant all products to be free from manufacturing defects for 10 years. Repair or replacement is available should defects other than normal wear and tear become evident under circumstances of normal use. Item(s) must be returned with proof of purchase for personal attention. Water Board requirements are not uniform throughout Australia. We will therefore be unable to accept responsibility for damages or claims resulting from incorrect installation or installation that does not conform to Water Board requirements.


Q. What is a rebate?

A. A rebate repays the purchaser for part of the money outlaid for a product and therefore reduces the overall cost of the product.

Rebates are not available under the WELS Scheme, however, rebates may be offered on some WELS rated products by local water authorities or governments. Water efficiency rebates are offered to encourage potential purchasers to buy products that will impact less on the environment. Over their lifetimes, these products will also save money through lower water and energy bills.

Local councils and water authorities may be offering rebates to people who buy WELS-registered products with specific star ratings. To find out more about rebates that may apply in your area, you must contact your local council or water authority directly, or go to 'Rebates and assistance' at www.livinggreener.gov.au/rebates-assistance for information on rebates that may apply in your area.


Q. Do you have a return policy?

A. Yes, if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase please contact one of our friendly staff by phone or email within thirty days of purchase for a full refund. Items must be returned in original condition and in the original packaging with proof of purchase. Return postage is at the customer's expense.


Q. Does Cullector™ work on other taps?

A. Cullector™ is designed for shower use only and is not recommend for use on other taps.


Q. Does Cullector™ require any maintenance?

A. After 10-20 years the Teflon bushes and o-rings may require replacement. This is a DIY operation and replacement parts can be purchased online.


Q. How do I clean Cullector™?

A. Cleaning Cullector™ can be done during normal shower cleaning with conventional cleaning products.


Q. Will the threads fit my existing plumbing?

A. Cullector™ is designed for installation onto standard BSPP plumbing shower outlets.


Q. My partner has the water at a different temperature to me will this be a problem?

A. Generally the difference in the preferred shower temperature between people is only minor and a quick tweak of the taps during the shower is all that is required.


Q. What happens if I don't use all of the water collected in the bottle?

A. The water will be used in the next shower.


Q. Can I use Cullector™ to dispense aromatherapy and essential oils?

A. It's easy to use Cullector™ to dispense aromatherapy and essential oils by simply placing a few drops into the overflow hole before filling the bottle with water.


Q. The bottle draining time is slowing down. What can I do?

 A. In some areas with hard water calcium and mineral deposits can cause the holes in the shower rose to block up. This causes back pressure at the rose and prevents the venturi from working. Removing the rose and soaking it in CLR will clear the holes and fix the problem.


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