The Cullector has revolutionised the art of showering efficiently.


Cullector™ Water Saving Shower System

Cullector combines several water saving features into one simple self powered DIY retrofit. 

Cullector gives you total control over shower waste and saves you water, energy and money. Cullector is great for the environment and provides a range of additional features to enhance your showering experience. 

Collect the cold shower water normally wasted during warm up time.Cullector collects the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time and reduces splashing

The cold water normally wasted during warm up time is diverted to the reservoir. A small amount of water is allowed to escape from the rose to let you monitor the temperature from within the shower and without getting splashed or scalded. As soon as the water is at the correct temperature switch on and commence showering.

Cullector uses the collected water to create a stronger fuller flow

Cullector uses a venturi effect to mix the collected water back into the shower stream. By the time your shower is finished all of the collected water has been used.                                       

Cullector lets you pause the shower to soap up and shampoo without needing to readjust taps

Pausing the shower to soap up and shampoo is sometimes referred to as a military or navy shower. This technique saves an enormous amount of water and energy and using Cullector to pause your shower eliminates the need to readjust your taps when you switch back on to rinse.

Cullector reminds you when it is time to finish up

It's great watching the water being collected and used. When the reservoir becomes fully drained a small amount of air is drawn into the shower stream to create a gentle pulse. This reminds you when it's time to finish up.

Cullector as an aromatherapy shower

Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, perfume or moisturiser to the reservoir for a beautiful aromatherapy shower. Warm water is constantly returned to the reservoir to keep the oils evenly mixed. This also raises the temperature of the water in the bottle to eliminate any spike in temperature when the bottle becomes fully drained.

What you get

Cullector™ simply replaces your existing shower. Everything you need is in the box including the rose, arm, mechanism, bottle, decorative backing plate and plumbers tape. Instructions are on the box and free telephone support is available during normal business hours. It's Self Powered and an Easy DIY install. No Plumber Required.

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