Watch the operation and installation videos here.

Take control of shower waste today!

Simply replace your old shower!  

Self Powered. Easy DIY. No Plumber required

Installation Instructions:

  • Unscrew the old shower, clean the exposed thread and install the decorative flange.
  • Apply the supplied plumbers tape to the thread (clockwise 8 to 10 turns).
  • Screw the Cullector™ onto the thread and tighten by hand. Once contact is made with the decorative flange only continue to tighten until the Cullector mechanism is vertical.
 Note: Be careful not to cross the threads and that the male connecting threads do not damage the internal flow controller.
  • Firmly press the draw pipe onto the barb at the base of the mechanism to ensure a good watertight fit.
  • Position the bottle under the mechanism with the overflow hole facing to the wall and tighten the cap.
  • Back off the grub screw in the shower arm with the supplied Allen key to prevent damage to the o-rings. Push the shower arm firmly onto the Cullector™ outlet and tighten the grub screw.
  • Attach the rose to the shower arm. 

Important Installation Notes

The Cullector™ may not be suitable for use with gravity-fed water heaters, low and unequal pressure supply networks, some instantaneous water heaters, tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves.

Please check with your plumber or contact us first if in any doubt.