Useful Water Saving Links

Water Saving Links

Water Footprint What is your water footprint? This site helps you calculate your individual water footprint as well as the national footprint of countries around the world. It also has loads of background information behind the concept of the water footprint and virtual (or embodied) water.

WaterMark The WaterMark Certification Scheme (WaterMark) is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing and drainage materials and products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations.

WELS (Water Efficient Labelling and Standards) The WELS Scheme is an Australia-wide rating and labeling system to help consumers select water efficient products at the point of sale.

Waterwise The Waterwise fact sheets are designed to give you a few simple tips to help incorporate water-saving principles in and around your home.

Water Corporation Households use over 50% of their total water inside the home. Making simple changes to our habits can save lots of water. If we all reduced how much we used by even a small amount, we could make a huge difference to our total consumption. There are some practical ways to save water in your home, without affecting your lifestyle.

World Water Council The World Water Council, a ground-breaking organisation, strives on a daily basis to promote the cause of water.

The Tropical Green Building Network is a group of dedicated local professionals with expertise in creating a sustainable built environment in the tropics. The network organises regular public events, encourages collaboration, and supports leadership and learning in the areas of sustainable tropical building design, construction, planning, products and services.

ECO-BUY Sustainable procurement advice and support based on international best practice.