Saving water, energy and money

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Effortlessly reduce your environmental footprint

The Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower enables you to become proactive in energy and water conservation without sacrificing comfort. In one year a single user can save 35,400 liters of fresh water and reduce greenhouse gas by a minimum of 1.04 tons.


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Start saving money, water and power today

With up to 80% of shower water coming from directly from your hot water service installing the Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower is a wise decision. Reducing power and water charges has never been easier and the return on your investment starts from your very first shower.
The Cullector Ultra Efficient Shower can pay for itself in less than 6 months with single person use.


Water and Power Savings

Fresh water savings

Waste water reduction

Green house gas reduction

35,400 litres* per person per annum

35,400 litres* per person per annum

1.04 tons of CO2* per person per annum  


Money Savings

Money saved on water use

Money saved by power reduction

Total money saved per person 

  $76.74* per person per annum

$291.85* per person per annum

$368.59* per person per annum     


Assumptions for Calculations

*Sydney Water: Tier 1

*Energy Australia: Shoulder

*Green House Gas Reduction: Coal fired generation including transmission losses

*Water & Waste Water Savings: No previously fitted flow restriction device

*Savings will vary depending on use and location